Acknowledge someone

“The biggest thing that makes my staff work hard for me – and that is the God’s honest truth – is that I care about these people. Even the ones who tick me off. I still care about them. I still want them to be OK and to do well. They know that, and they’ll always work hard for me. And they know that I’ll work hard for them.” – Nick Mendez, fitness manager, 24 Hour Fitness

Caring about people is also about acknowledging them as people. How often have you thought that the place I work doesn’t care about me as a person? Are you acknowledged during the day or do you seem to be invisible? Do you acknowledge others? Do you greet them in the morning?

Have you acknowledged someone today? Have you asked someone what they would like acknowledgement for? Try it! It’s not easy however it is a powerful, powerful way to let someone know they are important and matter.

Just say in an authentic manner and a genuine manner as well, “I want to thank you for __________”.

Try it and see if it works. This is also an exercise in humility as well.

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