Daily Archives: May 9, 2008

From dream to design

The pathway is littered with excitement and a powerful vision for the future. The strategic intent is defined now that the essence of the dreams has been coalesced into a single cohesive vision that defines a new future. The power of the dream stirs the soul and prepares people for delivering on that new definition for the future.

The dream results in a vision. The design phase takes the vision to be translated into an executable plan.

You might be thinking – so, what is this that is anything different than creating a compelling vision statement. Think WOW factor, the kind of vision that knocks your socks off that should be the outcome.

For an organization the social architecture will be impacted – what will the new architecture look like, feel like, taste like, and smell like. What would happen if you invented your own vocabulary to describe the changes that will take place? Business Execution Environment = BEE. Let it BEE!

Think about the leadership model that has to be in place, hopefully one of transformational change. Think about openness, transparency, genuinosity (the characteristics of being genuine) or servanthood. How do these elements fit into the culture new or current to make the organization powerfully better?

Take the dream – design the strategy to take the vision and transform what is.