Why have a coach?

Why have a coach?

Have you ever considered having a coach? Why not? We live in a society that expresses uber-independence and that suppresses us from asking the question even the thought that we could magnify our abilities through coaching is never approached. We have to do it alone just as the frontiersmen conquered the vastness of the America in the early 1800’s.

Andrew DelBanco writes “We live in an age of unprecedented wealth, but in the realm of narrative and symbol, we are deprived. And so the ache for meaning goes unrelieved. “The short space of sixty years, “ as Tocqueville put it, “can never shut in the whole of man’s imagination; the incomplete joys of this world will never satisfy his heart.”” (The real American Dream).

So we reach out our hands into the world and they come back dirty, stained and worn and our hearts feel the ache of work, unsatisfied we ask “is that all there is?” When we reach out and grasp at nothing it is time to consider something else.

A coach helps to find the direction, purpose and the elements of satisfaction through questions and goal setting and finally the accountability to reach out and touch those goals. “We’re good a talking about what we think about some things, and sometimes we’re good at talking about what we believe, and we’re often good at talking about what our goals are to be.” writes leadership expert Max De Pree. We can talk a good talk and even start some effort at achieving our goals but without accountability we shrink back into the shadows. An accountability partner can help keep the goals fresh and alive. Yes, that means getting someone to help you keep your goals alive.


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