Daily Archives: May 16, 2008

How important is encouragement?

You would think that it wasn’t very important given the issues we have in our society. Encouragement should be applied in ratios of 9 to 1, 9 encouraging events to one event of correction. Often the ratio is reversed and the belief that more correction than encouragement will increase the desired outcome.

Zen student: “Master, I am very discouraged.”
Master: “Encourage others.”

Certainly one way to increase the level of encouragement is to actively encourage others even when you’re not feeling very encouraged at the time. This will require a substantial effort on your part to be an encourager when you are down.

The coaching hint here is – encourage others. Start today. Now there are other elements of encouragement that need to be considered. The encouragement has to be genuine, meaningful, heartfelt, authentic and valuable. In order to encourage effectively means really digging deep into your own soul to find the right words. This may be the difficult part because encouragement has to be more than just words slipping off the lips it will take some real effort to construct a meaningful encouragement statement.

What do you encourage people for? If you have children you probably encouraged your child to master these early tasks, like walking, eating, talking, and reading. It wasn’t just a one time event it was a constant stream of positive encouragement. We should encourage people for things working on things that enable them to become better in something. We should encourage people who want to make a positive change in their lives.

Are you ready to encourage others? I hope so, make it a regular gift you give and encourage someone today.