Daily Archives: June 8, 2008

Create change

Robert Quinn the author of “Change the World” writes that “When we create, we experience deeper meaning.”

We are meant to create to build things, to make things, and even to create our own future. When we don’t exercise our creative talents we are missing out on what life can offer. Deeper meaning in our lives is one of the themes to lasting happiness or significance. If our days are filled with a sense of complacency then we need to shift our way of thinking and being.

How do we shift from complacency to fulfillment and happiness? We do that by setting goals. Goals that are just beyond the reach of our fingertips to goals that stretch our imagination and abilities far beyond what we have ever comprehended. We set goals that are close by so that we can obtain a sense of accomplishment. We track those goals and align future goals with our dream goals. Inch by inch we move towards our dreams.

Some people are inner directed, that being they have the focus, the drive and the right goals in mind and they seek them with an incessant desire. Others are not so focused or perhaps have seen enough failure that they can’t “will” the strength to pursue their goals. It is those people who need an external focus partner that would benefit from having a coach.

Some of the things that keep us behind the door of success are fear. What would happen if we could eliminate fear from our lives? What would our goals look like? How big would our dreams be? Would we accept those challenges and begin to realize those dreams?