Human – Being – what does it take in today’s world?

“Your gift lies in the place where your values, passions, and strengths meet.”

What does it mean to be human? What is the essence of human being? The human is a creator. A human has the ability to build and create something new and no other animal can do that. Humans live in a place that is touched by spiritual elements as well as physical elements. Being is important to us, as in being human, but what does that mean?

Perhaps the ultimate goal is balancing our physical needs and wants perfectly with our spiritual needs and wants. For many people there is an intense focus on either spiritual or physical needs and at the end of the day there is this sense that there should be something more. Too much physical needs and wants and life feels empty and void. Too much spiritual focus and the basic needs may not be met. The goal is harmony with the physical and spiritual components of our lives.

Don Aslett writes, “That which restricts our living, loving, thinking, and feeling is junk, be it a thing, habit, person, place or position. Anything that builds, edifies, enriches our spirit – that makes us truly happy regardless of how worthless it may be in cash terms – isn’t junk.”

What changes do you need to make to be more human?


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