Freedom and light

Today we start with the words of the Sufi poet

“We have not come here to take prisoners, but to surrender ever more deeply to freedom and joy… Run my dear from anything that may not strengthen Your precious budding wings… For we have not come here to take prisoners Or to confine our wondrous spirits But to experience ever and ever more deeply Our divine courage, freedom and Light!”

What are the desires of our heart? Is it to seek out and find freedom and joy?

I think that experiencing both trials and success brings to us a sense of joy and contentment. Contentment is momentary and calls us to the next challenge, the next struggle and the next climb we must make. Moments of happiness are interspersed into our journey and like precious gems hanging in the sky they beckon us onward, happiness blossoms along the way encouraging us to take the next step.

Joy is a reward that comes to us as a result of the struggles and the battles we are engaged with. Our deepest longing is to find joy in what we do and in life. At times we are stuck in the vastness of a giant maze wondering which path will lead us to joy. It is when we are stuck that having a guide to help us find our way is of so much value.


One response to “Freedom and light

  1. I find this sentence to resonate alot with where I am at in my life now.

    “Our deepest longing is to find joy in what we do and in life.”

    The questions I am starting to ask are around more than just the ‘job’ but also with what I think I would enjoy in life.

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