Daily Archives: July 17, 2008

Change your questions

Have you ever thought about the questions you ask yourself? What is that little voice in your head saying? Is it asking questions for growth and learning or are the questions about judging?

Here are some examples of questions that are designed to help you grow.

What do I want?

What are the facts?

What assumptions am I making?

What can I learn?

What are my choices?

What is best to do know?

Or there are questions that cause you to sink back and wonder.

Why can’t I ever win?

Why do things seem dumb and irritating?

Whose fault is it?

What is wrong with me?

Notice the power of the forward looking questions vs. the questions that pull you down.

The choices we make can be for the good. Good questions help us arrive at good destinations. Look for win-win situations, make connections with others, and look for the facts in every situation.

Good questions can help result in good outcomes. What are those questions?