Daily Archives: July 19, 2008

Seek beauty

“Imagine living your life without being afraid to take a risk and to explore life. You are not afraid to lose anything. You are not afraid to be alive in the world, and you are not afraid to die.” Don Miguel Ruiz

Road to happiness isn’t paved with perception

“Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves; it is why we don’t accept ourselves the way we are, and why we don’t accept others the way they are.” Don Miguel Ruiz

The road to happiness isn’t paved with our own rejection of self. Don Miguel Ruiz points out that our ability to set a standard of self that is one of perfection a perfection that is not realistic. We need to get to the point of accepting ourselves and qualities as who we are. We can certainly improve our image of self and our image of others. Finding peace with ourselves is an important step to realizing happiness.

Living in a society that continually raises the bar of expectation means that we are under constant pressure to match those around us. Perfection in our mind becomes the standard that we must obtain. Obtaining any level of perfection comes with a price. For many that price is a loss of joy and happiness.

Comparing ourselves with others is a common activity and that can be a catalyst for creating a perception gap in terms of being what we were meant to be. It is easy to find yourself trying to be what others are. Others become the standard especially if there is a belief that they are better from your perspective than you are. To remove that, compare yourself to who you are and what you are capable of doing. Are you doing what you can with what you have to the best of your ability? This is the yardstick that you should be using, one that measures your capabilities against what you are doing.

Ruiz writes, “All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world from the one we live in.” One way to make sure we are living in reality is to stop and take an assessment of our own lives. Assess the values, the desires, and strengths. Are you using your gifts to your advantage?