Smile brightly

Paul Loeb wrote this about Rosa Parks journey “suggests that change is the product of deliberate, incremental action, whereby we join together to try to shape a better world. Sometimes our struggles will fail, as did many earlier efforts of Parks, her peers, and her predecessors. Other times they may bear modest fruits. And at times they will trigger a miraculous outpouring of courage and heart – as happened with Park’s arrest and all that followed. For only when we act despite all our uncertainties and doubts do we have the chance to change.” From the real Rosa Parks,

It takes courage to change. It takes a willingness to step out where you have never stepped before. The reminder is “what is the worst that could happen?” The worst thing that would happen is we would learn something. Even when the results are not what we expected that doesn’t mean that there was a failure, all it means is that the learning we gained was different than we predicted. We must take risks and change. We grow when we take risks and we grow when we change our thoughts, our actions and our opinions.

Take the time to change. Be rewarded by the experience. Smile brightly – smile brightly.

2 responses to “Smile brightly

  1. I would even go so far as to say that “comfort saps courage” and lacking our courage, we do not change.

    What do you value so much that you would be uncomforable for?

  2. Does comfort sap our courage? Our courage may be there but in our comfort we find no reason to go beyond our comfort. Complacency will set in and perhaps even criticism which can leave people with a stale taste in their mouth.

    We are designed to create and breathe life into those things that are created. Creating things does require courage for we will often step into spaces not yet explored.

    George, thanks for the comments.

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