I’ve been riding bicycles for years, many years and most of the time I ride into the wind. Today I had a tailwind, a brisk wind at my back that propelled my two wheeler close to the speed limit of 40 mph. It was fun while it lasted and I knew that I would have to face that same wind as my route would bring me into the full brunt of the wind.

In life there are times when we will have a tailwind and things will seem to pass by easily and quickly. It will be fun but that fun won’t last long. The winds will change and we will face the wind that seems to sap us of our strength.

In cycling it is always better to ride with others especially when the wind is in your face. When you ride in a large group you can take shelter behind those in front of you and that saves an enormous amount of energy. It makes the ride much more fun. Riding alone into the wind is draining. There is never a break when you ride into the wind alone.

When you face a headwind don’t face it alone. Find someone who can shelter you from the full force of the wind. Find someone who can share the burden. It will make a difference, it will make the journey enjoyable.

‘The most important three words you can say to yourself. “Yes I can.”’ Denis Waitley


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