Talents – Passions – use them

It seems that everyone else has a special gift and we are left looking for ours. What is our gift? Where do we have a special skill, talent, ability or way that is uniquely ours that can be used in some wonderful way?

It isn’t that we don’t have a gift or talent; it is more likely that we haven’t exposed our talents or gifts in a way that feels like it can be used for some benefit, either our personal benefit or a larger benefit to the community we live in.

The Kielburger’s from their book “Me to We” write that everyone has a gift in some way but not in every way. Discovering your talent is something you should invest in. Once the talent or gift has been found then there is the work of sharpening and honing that talent so that it can be applied. It is also necessary to cultivate a passion for that gift. It makes no sense to have a talent that could be used but lack the passion to bring life to that talent.

Passion and talents are linked and missing one or the other will only cause frustration. Combine your passion with your talents and then use the combination to make a difference in your life and perhaps in the lives of others.

What is your talent? Is it a passion of yours? Are you using your talents and passions to your best ability?

2 responses to “Talents – Passions – use them

  1. I can see that by combining talent and passion you can make a impact in what you do.

    I’m just curious though how you would go about discovering your talents? I know of the Strength Finder 2.0 book that helps identify what your top 5 strengths are. But are your strengths your talents?

    Or are your talents a reflection of your strengths and passions / interests?

  2. A strength is an illuminated talent. If you have a talent that is not being used then it is not a strength – it only has potential to be a strength.

    A strength is a talent that is being used and exercised. Exercising a talent allows it grow, to become resilient and to flourish.

    Discovering what you are good at may require active seeking. That is identifying things that arouse some passion as a result of some activity. The process of discovery where you actively seek to find those things that resonate with the core of your being. Some talents will be obvious as they could be things that you can do and it seems effortless.

    Look for resonance with your whole self. Look for natural ability. Look for confirmation from others (“Wow, you’re really good at ______”) – also look for confirmation that you aren’t good at something as well. Listen to your heart and your mind.

    If you can’t get motivated to do something you might not have a talent in that area – you do have to be careful though with this thought. You could have an unexposed talent and because it wasn’t exercised it remains dormant. The dormant talent will need to be exercised for some period of time before you can determine if it will be a strength or not.

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