What about trust? Trust is something we all need to have exist but how do we earn it, display it and keep it? It seems as if trust is very fragile on one side and very difficult to construct on the other. We give everyone some basic amount of trust and if we desire more than we have to earn that trust. To earn more trust we have to be engaged in doing something, perhaps it is honoring a commitment, delivering on a promise or being reliable. Each time we do those things it is like earning interest on a bank account. We only earn a little and it takes a long time to accumulate a high level of trust.

It also seems that in one instant that trust can be wiped away. What we save can be lost or we can lose far more quickly than we can save it up.

2 responses to “Trust

  1. I would personally add as well that there are some qualitites and behaviors that can help us “deposit” more into a trust-account. Living transparently in such a way that we can be honest, have integrity, honoring commitments, caring for others, etc. can build up.

    And not just in our work relationships, but I think more importantly in our personal relationships. I feel that if we can “practice” giving and earning trust in our personal relationships – where we are safer, then we can begin doing that more naturally with a broader circle of people around us.

  2. Absolutely! Deposits are very important. Withdrawals from our trust account are usually large and in some cases perhaps many will result in the account being depleted.

    Our trust savings account must be continually added to. In most cases the deposits are small and as a result it takes many deposits of trust before any withdrawals. Ideally you would only deposit into your trust account.

    Integrity, character, honesty, and serving others all count as deposits into your trust account.

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