Time out

Take a minute today out of your busyness and stop. Sit down, be silent and relax. Have those around you do the same. Silence the noise. Stop the action. Shutter the voices. Silence the mind.

Do it for one minute. You have the time.

Relax, rejuvenate, rejoice, reflect.

In today’s culture movement and doing are valued. Sitting still being quiet and relaxing are not values most people cherish. What if you spent a moment relaxing, allowing the tension and stress ( a societal poison) go? Would that be of value to you?

Our lives are filled to the brim. The worry or thought is if we aren’t doing – always doing – then we are of course NOT doing. The TV is on to numb our brains after being bombarded by the needs of the day. Unplug the TV – let there be quiet.

It only takes a minute.

Relax, rejuvenate, rejoice, reflect.

Do it daily. Make it a habit.

One response to “Time out

  1. This quite has to be an intentional act – we have to much to distract us and keep us busy. And in the US we have a culture where doing “something” (at times anything) implies value, productivity, usefullness. Do we need this so much that we’ll spin the wheels just to spin them? Even machinary gets worn out from overuse and faster if the proper maintenance isn’t performed.

    I think these “time outs” are maintenance for our souls. What they are for each person differs, but the need is in all of us.

    And I think the first step to becoming more engaged with life is to take these “time outs”. It’s ok to make them reflective. Productive use of time isn’t always about what’s measurable.

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