ten thousand notes

How’s your life? Are you satisfied with it? Are you doing more of what you love to do or is the energy getting sucked right out of your life? Can you say you have more passion moments than life draining moments in your life today?

If you don’t know your score, your passion score then do this exercise. It should be relatively quick. Take a piece of paper and fold in half length-wise. On the top of the paper write “Energizer” in one column and “Drainer” in the other.

In the “Energizer” column write down all the things that excite you, the things that elevate your passion level. These are the things you live to do.

In the “Drainer” column write down al l the things that suck the energy right out of your soul.

After you are done with the list, score each item from 1 – 10, 1 being low to 10 being very high. For an energizer a 10 is a WOW moment when you get to do it. A ten is something that you can do for hours and time passes by like it was a minute. A 1 in the energizer category is good but it won’t ignite the flame of passion like a 10 will. A 1 is positive, it returns more energy than it takes and it will make you at least smile.

In the “Drainer” column a 1 is a low drain, it does take more energy to do the work than is returned in the effort but it’s not too bad. A 10 on the other hand is something that even with prompting you can’t get motivated to do, if you do it at all. It might be like trying to read a book and you fall asleep on the first paragraph. In other words it will take a lifetime to read that book. Score each item in the “drainer” column.

Now sort through those items, which items scored the highest in the energizer column and which scored the highest in the drainer column?

For the high scoring items in the energizer column are you doing those things? Are those priorities in your life? What can you do more of?

What about the high scoring drainers? Can you do less of those things? Can you rearrange something in your life so you can reduce the intensity of the energy drainers?

Here’s a passion quote,

“I would rather write 10,000 notes than one letter of the alphabet.” Ludwig von Beethoven

“Edward Hopper said that if he could have expressed himself in words there would be no reason for him to have been a painter.”

One response to “ten thousand notes

  1. This was an interesting exercise. After having listed and rated my energizers and drainers, I did not have any energizers over a (self-rating) of 7.

    That gets me to wondering and asking myself, should I _have_ an energizer that is a 10? Is that expecting to much? Or should I really just be content with having a list of energizers at all?

    I’m thinking that of course it’s ok to not have a 10 energizer. As exploring our interests (energizers) and discovering (or growing) them is just as important to our happiness as discovering what we value in ourselves, life and work.

    Certainly having a 10 is a great thing, but if I’ve just started my journey, todays 7 may be tomorrows 10 when I come to understand its value better.

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