Daily Archives: August 9, 2008

What is IT?

Looking for IT!

How much time is spent searching? How much time is spent wondering what life is all about? The questions keep coming as if in a swift moving river.

Searching for IT. Searching for purpose, meaning, excitement, significance, satisfaction, success, happiness, joy, contentment, or life itself, searching for IT and it doesn’t come to you in a form that can be easily understood. Sure it does for some people. Some people know and find and locate their life’s destiny path at an early age. Others seek and seek and seek never quite knowing exactly what it is they are looking for.

What if the journey ended today, what would you have written on your life story map. What would it look like? What lives would have been touched? What things would have been better? What smiles would have been brought to the faces of those you care about?

That is IT isn’t it? What does the painting look like? What were the colors used? Were they bold and expressive or dark and scary? What does your story look like? Is it the story you want written?

If it isn’t the story you are thinking should be written then what is it that you want written on the pages of your life? What will your map look like?

Locate the landmarks on your map, the map of your life so far. What are those special things that you would find on the map? What would you tell others were on your map? To what heights have you climbed? From what valleys have you climbed out?

From a coaching perspective a coach becomes a catalyst for personal change, the change that you desire. A coach can help you locate a landmark on your life’s journey that you want to magnify or amplify. Perhaps there is nothing on your map that intrigues you to the point you find passion in it. A coach would help you explore something new, perhaps helping you move to a new location on the map that has never been explored. When you have the opportunity to explore new areas there is the chance to grow into something you haven’t imagined. There is power in personal transformation – to be what you desire to be, to fulfill all that you were meant to be. That is IT.

“History teaches us that men are in the whirlpool … will have to work out their destiny within it.” Gandhi

What will your destiny be?