Become who you are

To realize new personal heights implies focus, vision, values and awareness are being refined on a daily basis. Having a laser like focus on your goals and where you plan on being in a few months to a year. A vision that is compelling and just about out of reach can be a source of inspiration. Clear values that are central and core to who you are with alignment to the vision will carry you through moments of discomfort. Awareness of who you are and where you want to be will help keep the momentum of change moving in a positive direction.

Questions to answer:

Who am I?

What do I want to become?

What costs are you willing to bear to become who you want to be?

What forces are holding you back from making significant change?

An exercise for you to consider:

You are writing the last chapter of your life’s story. You are reflecting back on the years past and reviewing those years objectively, what will you write about? What would you have liked to change? What would you have liked to do more of? How would you define your life? What memories would you like your children to have of you?


3 responses to “Become who you are

  1. At my age, well into retirement, I have the realities of my past and the willingness to face whatever life can throw at me in the future. What more can I become? I have to discover, by that I mean dis – cover the real I.

  2. Dan, You’ve done a heck of a job keeping up the blog.

    How about this one… What do I believe?

    What implications do those beliefs have for my actions?

    Or… from Johnathan Koomey’s book “Turning Numbers Into Knowledge.”

    Who do I trust?
    Why do I trust them?
    Where do I get my information?
    To whom do I give the benefit of the doubt?
    What makes me angry?
    Why does it make me angry?

    Excellent book on critical thinking in general.


  3. Absolutely – find yourself, your purpose, your intention. Even into retirement there is more and that can mean how we can serve others or mentor others or ____________. Retirement can be a sweet time, a time of sufficient challenge, and significance.

    Look for those things that ignite imagination and desire what would those things be?

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