Experience it – Imagine it

If you had a week to do whatever you wanted to do what would you do? Assume that you had the finances to do what you wanted to do. Assume that what you did would contribute to the good.

If you had one week to travel where would you go?

If you had one week to help others what would you do?

If you had one week to learn something new what would you want to learn about?

If you had one week experience something new what would it be?

If you could help just one person who would that be?

If you could meet just one person who would that be?

Imagine if _________________________________________________________

Fill in the story – Imagine if “what” … what would that story be?

Imagine if there were no more wars …. What would that mean?

Imagine if there were no more pollution … what would that mean?

Use your imagination what story do you want to tell?

3 responses to “Experience it – Imagine it

  1. 2 &1. To Dharmasala in India where the Dalai Lama’s organization functions. I would meditate with some senior monks and learn from them
    3. There is a group that I belong to that runs a primary school in rural India. I would go there and drum up business for the school from parents who do not wish to send their children to school. I would also teach English to students already enrolled their.
    4. Autotelics.
    5. Total meditative state.
    6. My wife.
    7. Swami Dayananda Saraswati of AVG.
    8. Imagine if you could be Randy Pausch in the Last Lecture.
    9. Beyond my ability to imagine. We will never have that situation ever.
    10. Living like our grand parents did.
    11. Mine with no optimism of the past but with all the lessons that I learnt.

  2. You had sent me an email asking me what is stopping me from doing all the items on my wish list. Two factors. One, my semi invalid wife for whom I am the caregiver and two our son who is on a recovery process from a failed marriage and a failed business, for who also, I am currently the care giver as well moral support.

    If you could comment here, we can have the thread going on till we exhaust the subject! I intend coming here often and checking. Give you some traffic!!

  3. Where do we seek joy?

    When do we find joy?

    Is it enough?

    Is the heart content?

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