What does a word weigh?

How much does a word weigh? It depends on what that word is. Some words have a deep impact to one person while having no force at all on another. The words we use carry a significant weight at times and at times we use words with all the force of a heavy hammer.

Words shift our consciousness but their sheer mass or if not by mass then velocity. Some words are kind and uplifting and others are a weight on our soul.

What words weigh most to you? Is it how they are used and the context they are used in that matter most?

What does it take to manage the impact of a word, after all it is the weight we give the word that gives it impact.


4 responses to “What does a word weigh?

  1. I get it. This is a great post, one that I shall cherish, copy and save for my frequent reference.

    The heaviest word, if it can be called that is silence.
    Have you not experienced it? The silent treatment between spouses, friends, boss and subordinate etc? Words build bridges or destroy them but rarely if ever can weigh one down on a long term basis.

  2. It is a heavy word – and it can also be a light word. The silence of peace, a mind at peace, a world a peace, a night of peace … that is the kind of silence we long for.

    The silence of a conversation gone bad, or a relationship that is struggling is indeed heavy to bear.

  3. Is it the word(s) that we should hear? Or what is behind it? The real meaning…to give so much weight to word(s) means we have to trust that the speaker knows the right word for what must be communicated…

  4. In one respect the speaker is sending out communication and the receiver gets hit with a word that has great impact while the speaker may have not intentionally meant that the word was that impactful.

    The other case is that the speaker is using words with weight intentionally.

    As a speaker it is my responsibility to choose words carefully – words should be used to build up others rather than tear them down.

    Why are words so powerful? What gives them the power?

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