your story

We find ourselves as travelers on a blue orb with blankets of white masking the details below. We are wanderers seeking, searching, feeling, touching, hearing, seeing, and being and sometimes we get lost along the way. Our story is broken. There seems to be a fragment that we must chase down and quickly knit together with the thread we hold in our hands.

Our story, my story, and your story are woven together in some intricate pattern, into a larger story. It is your story that important, it is that very specific voice in the midst of a myriad of tales that is important. Do you believe that to be true? Do you have a story?

In some respects when we lose touch with a part of our story, when a piece of that thread breaks we have to get it back together. It is like that thread is our lifeline; it is part of what makes us whole and complete. Sometimes people need help in locating and identifying their thread and knitting it together with the thread we hold in our hands. A coach can often be that person to help bring the story back together.

What is your story?


One response to “your story

  1. My story is that now I am part of yours and yours is part of mine!

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