Become aware

I am able to control only that which I am aware of.  That which I am unaware of controls me.   Awareness empowers me. “   John Whitmore


“Every advance, every achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness.”   Carl Jung



The world exists not merely in itself, but also as it appears to me.”   Carl Jung

Become aware of self.   Understand who you are.


3 responses to “Become aware

  1. That is the quest. Very elusive state though! One keeps at it and hopes that one day, it will stay.

  2. Very elusive. It is like climbing a mountain and reaching the false summit (it certainly appears to be the summit until you get there).

    What keeps us moving forward though – what is it that we hope to obtain once we get there?

  3. Bliss. What Vedanta calls Ananda.

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