What would make today remarkable?

What would make today a remarkable day?   Imagine if you could make today a remarkable day what would it be like?    Would that be enough for you?

Now, imagine if you made someone else’s day remarkable?   “The deepest need in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”, is what Williams James wrote.   If that is so, what could you do to make someones day remarkable?

All it would take would be to say a word of thanks, a word of encouragement, or in some cases a word to apologize and mend a fractured relationship.  All acts of kindness take courage, the courage to act and the courage to appreciate and acknowledge someone else.

Imagine if it was you that made someones day remarkable.   What would that be like?

One response to “What would make today remarkable?

  1. What a coincidence! Please visit my blog and read my latest blog! I think I did precisely that and came away feeling exhausted.

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