You’re on a block of ice floating in the sea, it is cold, barren, and shrinking, but it has been your home and you can’t leave. Inhabiting a shrinking environment that offers only the fact that it is what you know and your are comfortable with. When the block of ice shrinks to the point where there is no chance but to leave will require change when the options are few.

To anticipate change rather than waiting until change must happen may create stress and that stress will likely be less than the stress that would be experienced by waiting until the last possible moment.

Anticipating change means being aware of the surroundings and constantly looking for opportunities that align with your purpose. Waiting may lead to grabbing at anything that passes by which may be against the grain of your purpose.

What can be done to stay ahead of change? What can be done to help reduce the potential anxiety of change?


The mind thinks
That any change
Is painful.
The heart feels
That any change
Is powerful.

Sri Chinmoy


2 responses to “icebergs

  1. An active part of anticipating change is also being willing to ‘make a change’ when the circumstances meet your directions and desires. Waiting ‘for something better’ means that much less time before forced change occures. Much better (though scarier) to be active in your change and not passive.

    While I do at times struggle with the ‘forced change’ I believe that I am getting better with being more an initiator of my change. It’s not always easy!!

  2. True poem.

    Richard / Germany

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