A positive attitude about what faces each person every day is a key component in experiencing joy. How would you answer that statement?

When we face trails do we:

Stop blaming circumstances

Stop blaming other people

Think before talking

What do you want to build? Do you want to build a bridge to a new destination or a wall?

You can! You can be!

How do you think about yourself? What do you think of yourself?

If you stepped out of your body and looked at it as another person would what would they see?

What do you want to see that you don’t?

Do you believe in yourself? Why?

5 responses to “attitudes

  1. shouldn’t we also ask “how can I server?” as a direction on our attitude compass? Or should that really be more the needle?

    Isn’t it easier to have a positive attitute when we view a circumstance as “how can I help?” instead of “how can this help me?” or even “how does this hurt me?”

    We create the mechanations of our own demise when we begin to believe that our “value” is worth more than others and so our attitude reflects this. It is important not to over-value ourselves.

    And to the contrary, it is important that we not overly de-value ourselves when we choose to server.

    How can I help…?

    How can I serve…?

  2. Yes! Coherent personalities would report the same thing. I would contend that their would be a conflict – who is right?

    Who tells the truth? Who believes the truth? hmmm, they could both lie. Either one of the them could lie and they could both tell the truth.

    Maybe you need to confirm those thoughts with another person … and you’re still chasing the same rabbit. Who is telling the truth?

    Do we reach a deadlock in arriving at an answer?

  3. I believe that one should seek the answer to the question who is asking?

  4. Yes! Who is asking? Which gets to the core issue – do we know who is asking?

    I think the “Why” might be discernable from the sense the self within wants to know. Who is that? Even assuming there are no personality disorders (there is only one self resident) the “who” might be ever changing at least in a philosophical sense.

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