White knuckled experience


Sometimes we go through life hanging on the proverbial steering wheel so tightly that our knuckles turn white. We live such frenetic lives that all we can do is hang on and hope that we survive the day. It seems as if each day that passes increases in intensity demanding more from us and in some cases more than we can give.

In the assessment that comes at the end of the day we realize we haven’t done what we set out to do. Thoughts of a diminished self-worth race towards us. “I didn’t do enough” … those feelings repeated day after day weigh in on us and become burdensome. Each day a bit of burden falls on your shoulders and a bit the next and the next and the next and the weight of those burdens causes to grip a bit harder on that steering wheel of life – a white knuckled experience which can lead to a life that is not satisfying.

What part of your life demands more than you can give? How are you doing a reducing that burden you are feeling on your shoulders? What do you want to remove from your life that you haven’t removed yet?

“We must learn to let go as easily as we grasp or we will find our hands full and our minds empty.” Leo Buscaglia The way of the bull


3 responses to “White knuckled experience

  1. Nothing that asks for more than I can give, can ever be part of my life. I will simply get it out of my life. When I decide to give, it will be unconditional and without limits. There is no point in giving otherwise.

    In my present stage of development, I have two human beings who are, so to say, connected at the hips with me. I have accepted that situation cheerfully and get on with life to the best of ability. My father, has just been widowed from my step mother and is totally lost. I have asked him to come and stay with me, which will take my commitments to three people.

    I believe that I am blessed to be given the opportunity to be able to give.

  2. In giving (as in sacrifice) do you find time for yourself, to recharge, to have a moment of aliveness enter into your life?

    Community, living in community is also very important. Often community gets lost in our story.

  3. Oh yes, indeed. Why should it be considered a sacrifice? If what I do makes me happy, it is not a sacrifice. That is the whole point. The attitude has to be one of giving because it is a joyful experience.

    I entirely agree that community living is extremely important. Here too, giving and receiving, when it is done with a joyful heart, it certainly recharges you. The trick is in combining the community living with your priority commitments. When you can do this, it all falls into place.

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