Daily Archives: October 2, 2008

Two powerful words

Thank-you!  What do you want to be thanked for?  This is a bit different than be thanked by someone else for something you did that pleased them.  This is about you, what do you need to be thanked for?

For many people this is something that is difficult to think about or talk about.  Some people would say, “I don’t need to be thanked”.   Deep inside us is the need to be appreciated, it might be a spiritual law, the need for appreciation.    What do you want to be thanked for?

There is a simple exercise that you can do that will open doors.   Ask someone you know what they would like to be thanked for and then thank them for that.   Thank them with genuine appreciation – thank them for what they did with your heart and see what happens.

Next time, ask someone you care about what they want to be thanked for.  Tell them it could be something small, something that no one would have noticed but them, but in their heart they are yearning to be thanked.  Try it, and see if it doesn’t reveal something special within them that you may not have seen before.  

Practice thankfulness with others.