Frenetic activity

This past week has seen the axis of the world tip.  Financial markets are acting without the rational restraint that is needed to stabilize and slow the relentless activity of selling.  Fear is driving people to make irrational decisions and as that cycle grows the market on which we rely implodes. 

The cycle feeds itself and the vortex shrinks ever tighter expelling rationality all together. 

People are making decisions on the spur of the moment hoping to save what little  they have in a system that has been gratified by greed. 

To break the cycle may be to sit back and not do a thing, just allow the swirling to slow and the debris to settle.   Some will pick through the rubble and begin to rebuild, others will not.  

Our financial markets are not unlike the great storms that pound the shores of this great land.  Some people will choose to rebuild and others will not. 

Often to regain a rational perspective we need to work with someone else.  Working independently is one way to allow the fear to invade the consciousness which can result in a decision being made that is not going to be the best for the long run.

The cycle of relentless intensity suggests that when more is demanded of us that we increase our velocity (activity) and some of that activity will be a reaction to the demand without the requisite understanding of what really needs to be done.  As the pace increases we falter, just as a runner will when running a race without the training to run at the front.   Our minds begin to panic when we realize that we can’t keep the pace and chaos inserts fear into our minds.   With fear, action, any action seems like the right thing to do and the cycle repeats itself.  

What can be done to break the cycle?  What are you doing to break the cycle in your life?

What do you value?  What is important to you today?  




2 responses to “Frenetic activity

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  2. Sorry I have not been visiting your blog these last couple of weeks or so. I have been preoccupied with a number of matters, some to do with the current turmoil all over the world.

    What do I do? Take it as it comes, one day at a time.

    I am, as you probably know, at a stage of my life, when the cycle has flattened out somewhat and life is more or less predictable. What I had to do to get there was to drop out of the rat race!

    When I analyzed and found that I had enough resources to take care of my needs and had very few wants, I simply let go.

    I am now a reasonably contented man and except for the rare earthquake like a dear friend falling ill or passing away, life is placid!

    Not to worry, you will get there, by and by!! All of us eventually do.

    Thanks for the invitation on LinkedIn. Have accepted your invitation and left a message for you.

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