Desires of the heart.

I wonder how often it is that where we are today becomes our destiny.   Can you imagine what it would be like to find the desires of your heart?   What does that look like for you?

5 responses to “Desires of the heart.

  1. Boring, dull and insipid. New desires will arise and give impetus to move till those are also fulfilled. The cycle goes on! The trick is to get off the ride at some point of time.

  2. Life in itself is a journey from when we are born to when we die. I think that as we understand ourselves we can begin to take our gaze off of the ground in front of our feet to look around s as we walk. If my desire is to apprecaite what is happening around me in my journey, then I need to recognize that as that is the goal and not the final end state when I die.

    I am personally trying to enjoy the scenery and not focus so much on the path ahead of my feet or my ultimate end state.

  3. I think there are a number of people who are challenged to go beyond the status quo. Perhaps they are boring and dull and that is the view of the world that they see as acceptable.

    Complacent is what some would call that. Burned out is perhaps another phrase that fits.

    The idea would be to step back from the morass that one finds themself in, evaluate and see if it makes sense – is this where their talent/strengths are being fully utilized.

    I believe that challenge is that the complacent are going to be missing the catalyst that would prompt change or seeking the desires of their heart.

    The desires of the heart … constantly changing or not?

  4. And that coach is the rub! The desires of the heart ARE constantly changing. The minute one is fulfilled life becomes dull boring etc, and a new desire kicks in!

  5. Do we ever fully fulfill the desires of our hearts?

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