Daily Archives: November 10, 2008

Qualities of Leadership

This will begin a series of short posts about the qualities of a leader.  Granted it is not part of a coaching model but leadership and coaching have close ties in many areas.   Jump on board and explore the qualities.


In 1948 General Omar Bradley defined leadership as “the art of influencing human behavior through ability to directly influence people and direct them toward a specific goal.”   What I wanted to point out in the definition is that there are similarities between coaching and leadership as defined here. 

In the world of coaching the coachee defines the path and the coach holds the coachee accountable to the goals.  Bradley’s definition of leadership is other-directed (leader to follower) and in the world of the coach it is self-directed with the coach helping to ensure integrity in the process.

Elevate your skills, elevate who you are ….