Daily Archives: November 12, 2008

my character counts

What is character?

What makes character important?

Where do you find character?

How do you build a lasting character?

Posner and Kouzes the authors of “The Leadership Challenge” surveyed thousands of business and government executives to see what they thought were the most important ‘characteristics’ for a leader.

1.    Honesty

2.    Vision – forward looking

3.    Inspiring

4.    Competent

5.    Fair-minded

6.    Supportive

7.    Broad-minded

8.    Intelligent

9.    Straightforward

10.  Dependable


Honesty ranks as the number one character trait that matters more than any other trait.  How important do you think honesty is in America today?   Do the top leaders act with impeccable honesty?   Do leaders in the middle support and make honesty their #1 objective?

The honesty dilemma.   Most people would say that being honest is the right thing to do, and at the same time have difficulty executing with honesty during the day.  Why is that?

Is there some type of fear that is associated with being honest?   What is it?   Is it a cultural issue?   Is it habit or bad habits that trap us in a web of twists and turns that take truth and mold it to fit in a better way the story we want to be told.

How important is it for a leader to be honest?   How important is it for everyone to be honest?