what matters?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote “Things that matter most in life  should never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

How often in our walk through life do we pay attention to the things that matter the most and put our energy and effort into those things that matter the least?   Everyday we put off what would mean most to us and work on things that in the long run will have a very little impact on our lives.  We get stuck in a routine of sameness, a routine of habit that forms the cadence of our life.   Each day our predictable and routine self goes through the motions of sameness, comfort and ease.  

Some people eventually recognize the routine and realize that the routine is not a good measure of the self, yet breaking the habit of routine is often difficult to do.

What would you describe in your life as routine or habit?   Are these habits things that matter the least or the most?

4 responses to “what matters?

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  2. Neither, I consider them all as challenges. To me, they matter most.

  3. Routine and habits matter? How does change take place if everything is routine?

  4. If you treat each activity as a fresh task, concentrating on it fully to achieve the most satisfying outcome possible, you are no longer treating it as routine. You are focused on it and your mind is not wandering.

    It is a form of meditation. It is when you do not do this that the task becomes routine and a habit. Try making coffee and drinking it fully focused on the task and when consuming it, on its taste, flavor, temperature etc.

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