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Seek solace in a quiet place

Gretchen Rubin the author of the blog “The Happiness Project” has this wonderful little video Secrets of Adulthood that is well worth watching.

satisfied by

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation.”

Homer Rice

What are you motivated by?

Are you living the kind of life that excites you, is filled with joy, and surrounded by the kind of feelings that give you comfort?   Sure you can’t live in some blissful euphoric state all the time; there is the reality of life the pains, the sorrows, the times that grip you by the throat and won’t let go.   But, what if most of the time you could achieve and master the things that you wish you could?

What if most of the time you lived by your strengths, you lived with joy and you found more smiles than frowns in your life?   Wouldn’t that be worth having?

For most people it is possible to live a life that is satisfying, rewarding, fulfilling and joyful.   It is possible!

What stops you right now from living the best possible life?   Not an imaginary dream, but a life that contains all that is “needed”.   For most people it is a matter of choice or choices.    For many it is the words that are presented to the conscious mind on a daily basis, words that speak out with hope, choice, freedom and joy.

What does a fulfilling life look like?  

What does joy look like?

What does a life filled with meaning look like?


What would you say you score in these life categories?

1.       Relationships

2.       Career/Job/Vocation

3.       Spiritual knowledge/understanding/relationship

4.       Family

5.       Friends

6.       Personal growth/Education/Learning/seeking knowledge

7.       Leisure/recreation/rest/relaxation

8.      Personal time – quiet time – times of silence/reflection

9.       Contribution/charity/volunteerism


Give yourself a score of 10 if you are fully satisfied and a score of 1 if you are barely started.    Then use 2-9 to indicate the relative strength of any of those categories with the larger number indicating greater satisfaction.

What areas do you need the most growth, work, or change?

Are you motivated enough to make those changes yourself?