Changing hearts – changing minds

There is one that comes to mind Frances Hesselbein, one of the leaders of the girl scouts and the one to transform the entire organization.   Her theme in the article in Leader to Leader is about changing hearts, changing minds to changing lives.   Positive change is about just that informing the heart which then works on the inner workings of the mind.   Once the mind is transformed the outcome can be lives changed, perhaps thousands.   There are many leaders who had a vision for great change and some of those visions are alive today.

People like Mother Teresa who was able to transform the ugliest of slums to a place of hope (for some).  

Who are the change leaders you admire?

Here’s one:

One of the best examples of a leader with purpose was the late  David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard. I met him in early 1969 when he was the new Deputy Secretary of Defense and I was the special assistant to the Secretary of Navy. Packard had taken a leave from HP to serve his country. A big, powerful, yet modest man, he immediately impressed me with his openness, his sincerity, and his commitment to make a difference through his work.

Are you making a difference for others in your sphere of influence?

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