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habit breaking – habit forming

Breaking habits – changing habits

This is from the book “Mind Power” by Dan Custer


The topic is breaking habits and the steps that are needed to make new habits.

One point that is made about beginning new habits is that you need to find a way to reward yourself for the progress you’ll make.  Positive rewards reinforce the desired behavior that you are seeking.

So, what do you do?

1.       Start with conviction.  You need a powerful reason to being the change.

2.      Start, just start the process – don’t delay do it today.

3.      Prepare – make sure you have the resources at hand.  Prepare mentally and understand what it is you want to do.

4.      Initiate the process … do what you are going to do.

5.      Persist – be consistent, practice, practice and practice until it becomes a regular routine. 

6.      Acknowledgment – give credit to yourself for the progress made.  Continue with positive reinforcement for your efforts. 

Dan Custer writes that there are statements that you can use to help reinforce the changes you’d like to make.  For example repeating something like this,

“I am free. I know the truth about myself.  I am free to act.  The faculties of Life are mine to use.  My body is mine to direct.  My emotional power is mine to use.  Whatsoever the Father hath is mine.  I have power to consciously choose how I will use the power of Life for my own good.  I can direct my path to happiness, prosperity and health.  When I start a new plan of action, I persist until it becomes a habit.”


Free to act.  Free to respond.  Free to change.  Free to enjoy.  Free to be.

These things become real with positive change.