Optimal living

Many people struggle to obtain what could be called optimal living.  What is optimal living?   Some would consider it working at what you love to do.   The problem for many is working at something that is a chore to do.   This results in a certain amount of dissonance and that friction between the ideal and reality creates pain.   Pain is of course something we want to avoid.   Optimal living is about resonating with life and work.  The experience of work becomes pleasant and fulfilling.

Thomas Carlyle wrote, “Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.”  

At one time monks would do the most menial tasks but used that work to find time to match their rhythm with the heartbeat of the work they were doing.   In other words they found work synchronous with their life cadence and that resulted in a form of peace.   Zen Buddhism when practiced can also result in synchronous living.  

When conflict is removed from the environment and the self one can experience synchronicity.   It is almost like have the two opposing gears mesh without any resistance.   There is a certain smoothness when work and life can intersect in perfect harmony.

On one side of the equation is the removal of fear, stress and conflict so that you can elevate peace and harmony to the point you feel free emotionally and physically.

What would it take for you to live an optimal life?

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