Daily Archives: March 23, 2009

The goals you choose

Sonja Lyubomirsky writes about the concepts, ideas and practices that can improve happiness in her book “The HOW of Happiness.” There are a number of people investigating the mechanics behind happiness. Gretchen Rubin has a Happiness Project blog and soon a book about Happiness. Sonja indicates that there are six important goals to consider if you are seeking happiness. The goal must be intrinsic. The goal must be authentic. The goal must be approach-oriented. The goal must be harmonious. The goal must be activity-based. And the goal must be flexible and appropriate. Are you goals oriented towards happiness? That is are they based on the factors listed above. Take a careful inventory of your goals. Do they align with who you are? I would add do the goals add significance to your life? Goals that have meaning to you are much likely to be obtained. Goals that are placed upon you are much more likely to be ignored, or put off. When you own the goal and the goal has meaning there is a better chance of enduring the pain of achievement than there would be otherwise. Do you own your goals or do your goals own you?