a balance of power


“… she followed power itself instead of risking her life for principles.”  Jacqueline Novogratz – The Blue Sweater


In your life has the idea or thought of power taken over your principles or values? 

So many people have been caught up in the vortex of power.   Power will not release its grip on anyone.   Power seeks more power and that in of itself becomes an intoxicating lure capable of destroying values and character.  Those who survive the ecstasy of power have strong guides that are reliable and honest.   

One response to “a balance of power

  1. “power == empty calories”

    no matter how much you have, it’s never satisfying, it’s never enough.

    And eventually (another metaphore) you’ll run into an even bigger “power fish” that will eat you up.

    We should really be striving to define ourselves along our values and seeking reward and fullfillment from those endeavors.

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