Daily Archives: May 4, 2009

giving gratitude, kindness …

“Happiness consists more in small conveniences or pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom.” Benjamin Franklin

Do you have to be intentional about your own happiness? There are three ingredients in the recipe to generate the positive thoughts that can result in happiness and they are gratitude, kindness and religion.

A recent article in Time magazine showed that there is a definite correlation between religion and happiness. The article went on to show that people who practice spirituality have a tendency to live longer than those that don’t.

It isn’t enough to know that gratitude, kindness and religion work they have to be practiced to be effective. Positive emotions create a vortex increasing positive thought. In other words positive thoughts generate more positive thoughts.

What if we could practice in increasing measure gratitude, the appreciation of others in an honest authentic manner, would that not go a long, long way in generating happiness in ourselves and in others? I think it would. When you show that others in your life are important that boosts their image of themselves. From that they are able to reflect that back to you.

What do you think? Is it possible to live a life of gratitude, kindness and religion and find happiness?

These ideas and thoughts are from the book by Sonja Lyumbomirsky, “The How of Happiness”.