what is success

Success is  ___________?   How do you fill in the blank?

Is success being rich?

Is success having enough?

Is success fame?

Is success freedom from fear?

Is success freedom from failure?

Is success power?

Is success freedom from want?

Is success having all that you want?

Is success measured in dollars?

Is success a smile?

Is success peace of mind?

Is success giving to others?

Is success having time?

Is success being busy all of the time?

Is success defined by others?

Is success defined by you?

What is success?


29 responses to “what is success

  1. Great question! In response to your opening line (Success is ___________? How do you fill in the blank?), I fill in the blank by defining success like this. Success is meeting my expectations. For example, when I’ve given the effort I expect myself to give, when I’ve been as patient as I expect myself to be, or when I’ve done what I’ve expected myself to do… I’ve succeeded. The same definition can be applied to each of us. Therefore, each line in your writing can be an element of success if it entails success in the heart/mind of the individual’s expectations. You asked, “Is success measured in dollars?” It can be, provided it’s an expectation the individual feel’s is requisite for their success.

    • Great answers and insight.

    • So to you, does it matter if other people think of that as success, or is it only what you feel is success. Like what if you are really rich, but not happy with your job. I am sure many would consider you successfull, and you would probably be an example of success, but the truth is that you dont feel successfull because you are not doing what you wanted or expected your life to be. Or what if you were able to achieve your goals, but others dont consider you successfull because you live a regular life, like nothing out of the ordinary. what do you say to the diffent ways people think of success?
      I just started my own blog, and I am using my self and my life as the example of success. I would really appreciate good advice from people with ideas. andresramosblog.wordpress.com

      • It seems the point you are making is that you can be sucessful but if if it lacking fullfilment then the success is not as meaningful as it could be.

      • Success without fulfillment is not really success. There are many people who are successful by definition of success yet they lead lives that are filled with misery – look at stories coming out of Hollywood, stories of rich broken people, successful by the eyes of the world. Success with fulfillment means that the success carries meaning and life has meaning. Combine the two and see what you get.

  2. You are asking some interesting questions. I think success is defined by your own perception of yourself. My definition of success for myself differs from what others might define my success to be. Success is love, loving what you do, loving yourself and others. Creating with passion or without fear of others opinions.
    Accomplishments are great but is the size of the accomplishment always mirrored in the amount of gratification that comes upon completion. I think living your life with clarity, following your values and being true to yourself is a good start to achieving success.

    • I like your way of putting it. I feel the same way about a good start to achieving success. I believe a successfull person is someone that is happy, is financially stable, and lives a healthy life.

  3. Succes is defined in different ways, but I believe it is just about everything we do. In other words if you put your mind to something, that is success. We all didnt know how to walk at one point in our lives but now we have learned to do it without even thingking about it, that is success. We all have certain experiences and things that we want and have had. Attaining or manifesting is not when we become successful, it is when we had that thought. When we start to give ourselves more credit, is when we will see our success… because we are success.

    • Nice!
      So, every moment we are alive and breathing could be considered success, at least a form of success. To some though success means wealth or the potential of what wealth can do. We look at sports superstars as being successful, or leaders of large corporations as being more successful than the person who sweeps the floors. In our society success is often linked to being at the top rather than defining success in terms of how we made life richer for those around us.

      Henry David Thoreau wrote, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

      If we can live the life we have imagined we have obtained success, that is one possibility.

      • Thoreau says as long as we are seeking our dreams when we reach that point we will have found success. Success isn’t something that is lasting in most cases. We create a new goal and work on it and when we reach that point we can declare success in that endeavor.

        Success in life is bigger than that – perhaps it is how you contribute to the “whole”, or how does one make a difference in the world. Success can be defined as living in the moment with a sense of gratitude.

  4. Success is when you’re doing something to achieve a goal you have (which can be anything)

    Being successful in my perception…. is having an abundance in all areas of your life including: financially (money), spiritually (connection with god/universe/divine), socially (relationships), physically(healthy), emotionally(peace of mind)….

    So i’m always succeeding, but I always want to have something that I am going for which means I will never consider myself 100% successful because then I will never have anything to go for.

  5. I agree with SocietyofSuccess, success equates to achieving your goals, regardless of what that goal might be. For some success is tied to their wealth, but as some stated above it may be related to finding love or not peeing our pants!

  6. I think the second question, how do you fill in the blank? is the most important question there. I have found that a good way to find this out is to take what you think it is and ask why, and keep asking why until you can’t go any further. Then you find the true source of your goals. Then you need to reflect on these in a journal such as http://meahq.com

    But knowing what you want is nothing if you don’t strive to achieve it so once you know what you want you must actively strive for it. Otherwise it is nothing more than a dream.

    • The 5 whys is an excellent technique to arrive at a good root cause. And yes, setting goals and moving forward is key to making those dreams become more than just a dream.

  7. wow!so many answer for success. good job man. I think there will be billion of answers if you ask different people in this world. I would think that success is when you are doing better than yesterday. Every night before I sleep I will ask myself, what have I done today is even better than yesterday, and how can I improve it tomorrow. Success is simple like this:)

  8. Love the brief yet profound style of this post. I agree with those who have echoed here that success is doing what you set out to do. An ambitious high achiever may look down on a moderate wage earner who prefers less hours at work and more hours playing video games and watching movies. Yet so long as both do what they do by design, they are both successful in my book. I would quantify this to be true in the latter example so long as they earn their keep and pay their taxes, not if they’re relying on govement or charity handouts.

  9. Success is the passion from within that makes me continue to do more and more with what I feel will benefit me the most. Becoming a business owner is what I am doing right now, being a mom and grand mother to my grandkids that I have custody of, when I receive the joys of being the best at the end of the day. That’s success. That’s fulfillment and that is what drives my passion to commit to doing the next level of thinking and trying to do something new. Regardless if I failed at an effort that I really tried, I consider that success, with a twist of learning how to be more successful from it.

  10. If you see the world as a terrible place in which to live, other people as unfair, or life as having the cards stacked against you, you create a formula for anger, sadness or worry. Like when you are leaving for work on a dark, cold, wet morning and you hear the announcer on the radio describe the day as terrible. Yet you child in the backseat is quietly smiling at you, delighted with your company and the safe, dry car. This is one example of how the same event can be perceived in two totally different ways. You are now the one who has a choice about which perception you listen to.
    That is success.

  11. Great post, I love that you posed asuch a thought provoking subject and so many possibilies, gets one thinking. Success for me is feeling forward motion and that is met in small small steps, each one moving closer to completeness as an individual.

  12. Success is Happiness and Contentment with your Life, and being confident and proud of yourself, and also comfortable with who you are and what you’re about! Awesome posting! Bravo!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

  13. Great question! I believe success is define by each person.

    The story of American shooter Matthew Emmons comes to mind. In the final round of his Olympic run for gold, he fire 3 perfect shots that could have earned him a gold. Minor detail though – he fired 3 perfect shots at the wrong target, dropping him to eight place.

    For my success is purely in the pursuit of a dream worthwhile.

  14. Success is measured in many different ways, at the end of the day it comes down to an individuals thought on their self worth and what they value. I deal with this on a daily basis with franchisees from all across the board.. Thanks for the post!!

    The Franchise
    thefranchise.com.au – Franchise Business Australia

  15. Success is defined by your core driver (love, freedom, peace, recognition). You are successful when you achieve those. It is also linked to your need to succeed. The real problem with success is it when and how do we recognise it? How do we measure it? How do we know the today is more successful than yesterday. Do we have set goals we can measure?

  16. I meet a lot of people who want to be successful, the very nature of success is that it is relative. Being rich is equally relative. I have met people earning six figure salaries who are on a quest to be rich and met people earning five figure salaries who are aiming for a six figure salary.

    Success for me is defined as… having the respect of others for the work I do and the person I am, being financially free to enjoy the benefits.

    Success is relative, so I always suggest people define their personal success so that it becomes tangible and a goal to be reached.


    • Absolutely! Success is a spectrum of life events, so it could be financial, personal growth, relationships, health, friends, family, and more. Much of society defines success in terms of financial income and yet there is much more.


  17. Success is a feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of empowerment, a feeling of “I’ve made it.” whether it’d be finding the girl of your dreams, getting in the best shape of your life, making a million dollars, or finding spiritual enlightenment. However, I truly believe to be successful in anything you need to FEEL IT FIRST, and the right types of actions will follow. The feeling is what motivates the right action to achieve the result.

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