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master your attitude

DSC03557Perhaps you have heard of Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos Cookies.   Wally used the word Watermelon to help him navigate the turbulent waters of life.   The Watermelo Credo can be a starting point in generating an attitude that is positive.

The Watermelon Credo

W – Whatever you believe creates your reality. 

A – Attitude is the magic word.  

T – Together everyone achieves more.  

E – Enthusiasm is the wellspring of life. 

R – Respect yourself, as well as other. 

M – Make commitments, not excuses. 

E – Everyday can be a fun day. 

L – Love is the answer.  

O – One day at a time. 

N – Never give up or become a victim.

 Watermelon Credo  or a picture of the credo

Every letter in the word Watermelon represents an attitude and a choice we get to make each time we face a hurdle or barrier in our daily walk.   What can you do to take the edge off of a difficult day?

What can you add to the credo to make it your very own?