Daily Archives: August 7, 2009

What is the “new reality”?

What if the rate of change you are experiencing today is only going to increase with much greater amplitude?   Are you going to be ready?


It is being called “The new reality”, the reality that is only going to grow more violent in the swings.   There will be periods of great change and growth followed by dramatic and quick drops.  Companies will begin to rely in increasing measure a contract workforce that is sourced from around the world.  People will connect in and drop out perhaps with contracts that last as short as a day.   Work slicing, job slicing and career slicing will become the new way of work.   Micro-work.  Businesses without a shell, businesses without a place, just a connection point to a web page somewhere on the globe.  Enter your global registration key and the information that you need to transfer funds to your bank and you are ready to work.   Salaries will be negotiated real-time through a bidding system and a reputation score. 

Is that beginning of a new reality that will disperse work to a globalized workforce all competing for a piece of the pie?  

Imagine the rate of change doubling or tripling in the next five years.  How would that impact you?  

Will it be the new reality?