just one positive thought

Did you have a positive thought today?

It is easy to get trapped in a world that is filled with negative thinking, what you did wrong, what didn’t go right, what upset you, what people said about you, what happened at work, what your family said, and on and on.   It is easy to get trapped into believing that everything that is wrong is funneling straight into your life.

So, what did go right today?   How much time did you spend on thinking about those things that went right?   Who did you say thank-you to today?   Who did you give a smile to?   Whose day did you brighten?

You can give the smallest of gifts and make a dramatic improvement in the joy you can experience.  The smallest of gifts, helping someone who needs a bit of encouragement, someone who needs a smile, someone who needs a helping hand, someone who needs to be cheered up,  or someone who just needs someone to listen to them.   All these things can be done without cost.

Do you have just a bit of time to encourage someone else today?


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