Go ahead … think positive

What are you thinking right now?   Are you thinking of possibilities?   Are you thinking about what can be?   Are you thinking I will do better tomorrow?   Are you thinking I can?   Are you thinking positive thoughts?  What are you thinking?

“Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success.”, writes Remez Sasson

How many of the negative thoughts that you have each day really come true?   Wouldn’t it be possible that just as many positive thoughts would come true if you were thinking about those first?   It is possible for good thoughts to create good things.   Sonya Lyubromirsky believes that thinking positive can yield positive results.

Just shifting some of your thoughts from negative to positive will have beneficial effects.  Imagine that you are happy even when you don’t feel like being happy.   Try to smile even when you don’t feel like smiling.   Think positive and watch your mood spiral upward.  Think about something silly that happened recently or even in your past.   Those thoughts can make you smile even when you think you shouldn’t.

What do the birds think when they are soaring high above the earth?   Are they thinking, “how cool is this?”

When you are driving to some destination do other drivers annoy and irritate you?   Why?   Just think about it, are they intentionally trying to irritate you?   If they are then that is their job.   Do they succeed and ruin your day or do you just laugh at them and let them go on their way?

“The truth emerging from the science is that feeling good is a wise investment in our future,” declares Barbra Fredrickson.

One response to “Go ahead … think positive

  1. It’s great to see such uplifting content. Thanks so much for the insight.
    I look forward to seeing more inspiration come from here!

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