Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

Look for the signpost

“When we are lost in the woods the sight of s signpost is a great matter.”  C.S. Lewis


Sometimes we drift through life like a piece of wood floating in the sea.   The currents pull and push us about.   Our destination is to a place, anyplace, anywhere we are lost in the vastness of the sea.  

Drifting about carelessly without a purpose, without a goal, drifting about in the blue sea.

A seagull lands on the little piece of wood and asks, “Where are you going?”   The driftwood doesn’t reply, as it dances on the waves.DSC03161

The drifting wood slides quietly up on a beach resting.   A wave grabs a hold of the wood and takes it back into the water.    The driftwood follows the currents to a destination unknown.

A life without direction, without clear and purposeful goals is a lot like a piece of drifting wood.  Sure the wood is going somewhere but at the same time is going nowhere.  

Where is your life taking you?   Are you going somewhere on purpose?