Daily Archives: November 11, 2009

Believe to achieve

Everywhere we go we have a bodyguard and a mindguard.  These two entities are trying to protect us from _____________  (you fill in the blank).    

The bodyguard is intensely interested, passionately involved in trying to keep you safe, physically safe.   The bodyguard is the voice that says, “No, better not do that” and you don’t.   You listen to your bodyguard in the hopes that your bodyguard will keep you safe.  Most of the time the bodyguard keeps you safe and sometimes your life will be devoid of risk, the kind of risk that is valuable for growth.

The mindguard has a different purpose, to protect you from living as you would want to.  The mindguard plants seeds of doubt and fear and hopes to hold you back from life.   We will do all kinds of things to protect our mind from the outside.   We will withdraw, we will sulk, we will become a victim, and we will do just about anything to keep the mindguard happy even if it means losing a part of our life.

Worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, control, impatience, perfectionism, and the list could go on are things the mindguard uses to control you.  

The mindguard and bodyguard are habits, controlling habits that prevent you from being all that you can be.  These guards control you rather than you controlling the guards.

What controls do you have in place that are protecting you from living a full life?

First you have to evaluate the guards and see if they are fit to be the guards of your mind and body.

What are the guards?

What are they protecting?

What are they inhibiting you from?

Now the guards aren’t going to like their territory invaded, so you must be careful. 

Believe that you can do better than you are doing.   Believe in yourself.

Identify your core values, those things you believe in deeply and know which values are the most important.   Know why your values are important, why are those important to you?

After you identify your values, determine which ones you are living by, and honoring.   What does honoring your values look like?    Create a plan to live out your values and spend some time each day working on that plan.

You have to believe in order to achieve.

  As soon as you accept the idea that you are in control of your thoughts you will be able to create your own happiness.
Lucy MacDonald