essence of life …

“The experience of essence is subtle.  If it weren’t, we would all be aware of having it already.  By facing our own limitations, a process of expansion begins as old boundaries dissolve.  We know this isn’t an illusion of brain chemistry, because as resistance vanishes, hidden possibilities unfold.   Suddenly a person can feel love and express it.  Insights reveal new truths about the self and about life.” 

Deepak Chopra

Consider for a moment that most people fight barriers that exist within themselves.   Most of the time those barriers only get stronger rather than weaker.   The idea is that what we resist persists and the more we push against our own personal boundaries the stronger they seem.

At some point we fear creating goals, creating a new trajectory for our life because we mistakenly believe that we can’t achieve that goal for some reason.   Perhaps that dream that was once alive was squashed and in that moment you said, “Never again!” and sure enough that wall instantly appeared.

What would it take to remove that wall?    What is stopping you from removing brick by brick that wall that was erected because of something that occurred in the past?

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