Daily Archives: December 30, 2009

information overload

Never before has there been so much change.   People consumed about 34gigabytes of data per day.   That is a lot of data to absorb and make sense of.  It is no wonder that people can’t remember the things they want to, there is just too much data coming at them in too short of a period of time.  We grab at pieces of information and add it to something else to make something up that isn’t true at all.

Information overload from twitter,Facebook, news, and other sources of fast moving information can quickly turn into time that isn’t spent in the best possible way.   What gets neglected when social mediastreams are being reviewed and responded upon?       One organization reports that information overload is costing the economy billions in lost revenue.

If you find yourself out of time to do things that you need to do, ask yourself where is my time being spent?  Is it being spent sifting through endless emails, updating facebook, tweeting, or searching for “something” out there in the internet space?

Take some time off – stop – reflect in the quiet, in the peace of a moment without any incoming data.  Listen to the silence even for five minutes a day and let your brain and body synchronize with the world.  Find peace in life rather than trying to fill every moment of life with information.