Happiness is a choice

A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Is happiness a choice?   If it isn’t what is it?   Is it the circumstances at the moment?    When the circumstances favor you does that make you happy?    What circumstances then lead to happiness?

Happiness is not about the circumstance but rather the state of mind.   Happiness is a choice that can be made at any moment.      Sadness is a choice that can be made at any moment as well.

Our choosing sadness over happiness is based on our learned expectations.   We learned from an early age what is expected and those expectations have carried over into our lives.    It isn’t that every moment is going to be filled with jubilant fun.   There are many moments of emotional suffering that we have to experience but the depth, the length of that experience is something we do choose consciously or unconsciously.

To increase happiness – develop an attitude of gratitude.   Look at what you have right now and acknowledge it.   You have hands, sight, ears, legs, and you have the capacity to think.

To increase happiness – take a deep breath – breathe from the abdomen, let is rise and pull the air into your lungs and then relax and allow the air to be pushed out of your lungs.   Repeat.    Slowly, carefully and then think of a moment of complete joy for you while you breathe in and out.

To increase happiness – Smile – smile about nothing at all, smile about a happy memory, smile about a child’s blissful laughter – Smile.    Just try it … what was the silliest thing you can remember.   Smile.

Make today a happier day.

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