Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

vita activa

‘Vita activa’, a life of action.  Living a life of resolve always pushing forward with vigor and intention is what some people do without thinking about.   For others living a full life takes energy that they aren’t willing to commit and as a result life seems to sail by as they ask themselves, “Why is life passing me by?”

For some the focus on action leaves little time to see the world, to see themselves or anyone else and as a result the important things in life, the meaning in life, slips away.

Living at the extremes means something is usually given up.   Living the life of constant action might remove the meaning of life.   A life filled with contemplation might provide a profound sense of meaning yet without action there is little to show.

Living in ‘vita activa’ might satisfy the outer purpose yet does little to satisfy the inner purpose, the meaning behind the doing.   

What is your life like right now?   What is your life filled with?