the mind and sickness

One’s attitude toward oneself is the single most important factor in healing and staying well.”

Bernie Siegel

Where does the sickness come from?   Some people say the mind is the cause of sickness and new research is showing that the mind does create sickness.   Doctors have been testing the power of placebos and have found that there are curative effects from a pill designed to do nothing.

The mind reacts to stress and creates imaginary illnesses in some attempt to reduce the stress or change the path the stress is on.   The trouble is that you don’t know if the illness is real or imagined unless you see a doctor.  

We live in a stressful world and if we aren’t managing stress, if we aren’t taking time to be grateful for what we have, to enjoy the relationships we have, to just take time to look at the world we live in an appreciate the beauty in it then we may be creating problems in our body that we aren’t aware of.

Make peace with your mind … relax, release the stress, ask for forgiveness, and do what is needed to remove the burdens of the world from your shoulders.

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